Frontline Christian Academy staff


Recently, FCA conducted its first official strategic planning event. Though we have made plans before, and developed a mission and vision statement, this was the first time we really dug in deep from a strategic planning perspective.

It was a tiring two days of meetings, involving key decision makers and influential people who work in and around our school. Voices and opinions were really heard in an environment where everyone really listened. Some of the values that emerged when verbalized were: quality Christian education, holistic education, genuine care, commitment, integrity, hard work, and a stable business model that would “generate revenues for all the right reasons.”

As a result, we have a revamped mission and vision; one that we believe is our God-given calling in the field of Christian education:

Our Mission: To provide an excellent, holistic, genuinely caring, Christian education that develops our students’ abilities and character, while giving meaningful, enjoyable employment to our staff, sustained by a business model that provides opportunity to increasingly serve the marginalized.
Our Vision: Frontline Christian Academy impacting the nation through the development of godly steward leaders.
After the two days of meetings, we were tired, but our hearts were full. We felt peace amidst all of the new action steps that we had decided to pursue, and knew that the heart of our school was in the right place. We are where we need to be right now, and it feels good to know that the people we have on the team are passionate about helping the needy, reaching the lost, loving the children like their own, and being a family.

Personally, I’m reminded of the Scripture “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” You can only pretend for so long, and then the real purpose behind your organization’s existence will surface. Thankfully, from the minds, hearts, and mouths of about fifteen FCA staff, came a unified mission and vision that is centered around people.

We will all look forward to the next strategic planning in March 2017. Hopefully our to-do list we came up with will by then be brought to fruition!

Rhoda Lynn P. Dayo
School Director