Frontline Christian Academy old group photo
Frontline Christian Academy recent group photo


Frontline Christian Academy, Inc. (FCA) began initially as a home school for the staff children of the Philippine Frontline Ministries, Inc., (PFM) ( Later PFM decided to pursue solutions for abandoned and abused street children, and established a child care initiative named Face the Children (FTC) ( In line with this initiative, the strategic scope of FCA was expanded to meet the educational needs of the children being cared for under the FTC program.

What had started in 2003 with 17 students in a doublewide air-conditioned trailer, located in a small compound in Brgy. San Francisco, San Pablo City, quickly expanded. In 2007, FCA was moved to a more suitable, larger venue, in the same barangay. FCA was officially incorporated as a non-stock, non-profit educational institution in July 2009, and obtained the necessary permits from the Department of Education in 2011. FCA refers to 2009 as its official “first year.”

Families in the nearby community began to take notice of FCA students’ academic excellence and their English-speaking skills. As a result, FCA began offering its services to the public. Each year, enrolment has grown. There have been as any as 150 students, with about 30% always being from the marginalized and underprivileged community.