Founder Jeffrey Pessina


Jeffrey Pessina was born in Illinois, USA, and is one of ten children. At the age of twenty, after a long period of drug addiction and alcohol abuse, God changed His life. Five weeks after his decision to become a Christ-follower, he left for the Philippines to serve as a missionary, and preach the good news of Jesus Christ. He met his wife, Rowena Pessina, in 1983. They married in 1986 and now have five children. In 1987 they incorporated the Philippine Frontline Ministries, Inc (PFM), an evangelistic team ministry that was then fully mobile, and travelled throughout the nation sharing the good news of Christ Jesus. In 2000, PFM moved to establish a mission center in San Pablo City, Laguna and branched out into other initiatives. Frontline now oversees a growing multi-site church (Frontline Worship Center), a program to protect and develop abandoned and abused children (Face the Children), a Christian school (Frontline Christian Academy, Inc.), and is involved in compassionate ministries to change the lives of the marginalized poor through social enterprise businesses and livelihood programs.